My DH just read the letter they sent

I was so in shock that I didn’t even see the part that allegedly, they are wanting to sell the place and are going to need “lots of time” to get the place ready (there’s an understatement…the place is practically falling down.)

So I feel a little calmer, but not much. I called a friend of ours (the one we’ve babysat dogs for, and travels alot.) If push comes to shove, we can move in to her place for a month or two and get a deposit together.

It is just upsetting because of EVERYTHING ELSE, I made SURE that we were always on time with rent last year. We won’t get our deposit back (we knew that walking in…he’s that kind of guy) and get money from online payday loans service

Friday I will go rent a storage unit and clear out the garage, then start moving everything from the house, into the garage.

Needless to say, if I get offered that job at Payless on Friday, I’m taking it.

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i tried calling him

But he didn’t answer, so i don’t know.
even when DH was out of work, we made sure and paid our rent on time.
landlord just said 3 weeks ago that he wanted to put new windows in and take out the asphalt driveway and put in concrete, so I actually have no idea what is going on…unless he is looking to sell it.

if that is the case, maybe I can get DH to talk him into letting us live here for slightly reduced rent while they do all the renovations. I do NOT have $2-3,000 for a deposit somewhere else.

I’m in shock

My landlord just sent us an eviction notice.
We have 60 days to get out.
Ok, technically it’s not an eviction notice, since we’re on a month to month, but still.
I can’t believe it. I tried calling but he didn’t answer his phone.

So one of the things on the city’s Code Police citation is a “broken garage door”

No, the garage door wasn’t broken, the power (I thought the battery) was out so we’ve been doing the manual open and close thing. You know, the way we used to do it before we got all new-fangled.

I told LL that even when we had power, I still left it opened about 6-8 inches to vent out the exhaust from the dryer. Evidently that’s not OKAY with my fricking gestapo City (I’d propped it open with a brick) because they cited the LL for a “broken garage door.”

Enter YouTube. I thought it was a battery that went out, so I checked YouTube to replace the battery. Then I thought, I should go check what brand I have.

And there’s no battery. But there IS a little kill switch button on the indoor garage door button (safety measure in case someone breaks into your car, has your address and remote). Shows what it looks like when it’s been pushed. Shows how to reset it….and 5 seconds later after watching a 2 minute 36 second video, I have a working powered garage door.

Please make the water stop!

We didn’t get inches or feet, but water started coming up through the floor this morning and won’t stop seeping in. I’ve spent the last twelve hours sopping up, wet vaccing, and cleaning out, and I’m right back where I started, as the water hasn’t stopped coming in. Wet carpet. Have three dehumidifiers running…I have a feeling my electric bill will be painful!I called water restoration olaces, most stopped taking customers, others could send someone at the end of next week. Gee, that’s helpful!!!We got six inches of rain in 4 hours…

A sewer backup is a totally different issue than

flooding due to rain coming into the foundation through cracks or seeping or whatever. If you’ve ever had a sewer line backup, you’d INSTANTLY know the difference. It’s not water that backs up in that case. It’s raw human sewage. We had that happen twice in my parents house when their septic tank backed up. I’ll just sum up those experiences as “yuck!!” and leave it at that!

We recently made a claim on a leak in our basement

Different scenario, I know, but it was a super easy process. Hopefully it will be for you too.

Call your insurance company and get the ball rolling. Tell them the issue and they can let you know if you have coverage and your next step. Ours sent an adjuster who created an estimate and paid out quickly so we could have the work done when we needed by who we chose. The estimate was very generous.

Good luck!!!!

Well, looking at my policy

it mentions this in a partial list of optional coverage that I have NOT added:
Back-up of sewer or drain(for damage caused by water from outside the plumbing system which backs up through sewers or drains).

Not liking the sound of THAT… :-(

Mark, sorry to hear about your bad news too

First thing to do is check your homeowner’s policy and see if you even have flood insurance. It’s considered an add-on for most standard homeowner’s policies, rather than a part of the umbrella coverage. If you have coverage, that’ll be good news and hopefully your claim will be fairly straightforward. If not, I’m not sure what your options are. Only other idea I have at the moment is to take a video camera downstairs and videotape all the water and as much detail about the damage as possible, to get a solid record of the event. Hopefully someone with more insurance experience can provide additional guidance.

Man… :-(

Anybody have any tips on dealing with insurance for a flooded basement? Unfortunately, all the rain we got today has granted me 6-8 inches of storm water in my house. SO much stuff ruined… :-(